Slice of Life Day 26: This is hard!

I have to say, this challenge is very difficult for me; but I don’t want to give up so close to the end! I don’t mind writing each day for myself, but it is more difficult to write something that I feel like other people might want to read about. Maybe I am not cut out for this blogging stuff quite yet. Maybe I will be more inspired tomorrow….

Slice of Life Day 25: Charger Cords

Ok. My pet peeve for today. Where do charger cords go??? They are like socks in the wash; they just disappear never to be found again, I used to (justifiably) accuse my children of stealing my I Phone cord. But now they have both upgraded to a Iphone6, and I still live in the dark ages of a 4S (another post for another day), so I am the only one who uses this charger. My husband is a Samsung Man, so he is not to blame either. I am starting to wonder if I have early onset dementia. I can’t find my cords anywhere. And no, I am not plugged in!

Slice of Life Day 24: Sleep

Sleep cannot be overrated, I don’t understand how some people don’t need a lot of sleep. I have always needed a lot. I can be intense, but I am certainly not a type A personality. Is there such a thing as a type S? That would be me. Goodnight!

slice of life day 23: national puppy day

Today is National Puppy Day and as such I would like to honor my dog Bella. She brings so much joy to our family. she is almost 6 years old, so no longer a puppy, but she is like a member of our family. Her only major flaw is that she wants to herd all the small children in our neighborhood. It gets a little challenging this time of year. Between rabbits and three foot tall humans we have to keep her on a short leash.

Slice of Life Day 22: Thrift Store Success

Just an update on my Thrift Store Shoppin’. It was a great success. Where else can you buy 6 suit vests, 5 leather belts, two men’s shirts, two huge pieces of (perfect!) fabric, several pairs of leather gloves, and I am sure I am forgetting a few other things, all for $48. It was a sale day, but apparently not the barn burner, end of the world, crazy 50 cent sale day. I must have gotten my weekends mixed up. But a success nonetheless!

Slice of Life Day 21: Going’ Thrift Store Shoppin’

Today I’m goin’ thrift store shoppin’ (Sing to the tune of Kung Fu Fightin’). Hailey and I are headed out in a bit to tackle the end of season sale at our favorite thrift store. She has a few more pieces she needs to round out the costumes for Beauty and the Beast. I might need my Kung Fu moves to fight through the madness of the end of season sale. Black Friday at Walmart has nothing on end of season thrifting. Pray for me!

Slice of Life Day 20: Spring. Snow.

I love a spring snow. Especially on a Friday. At 6 in the morning. When Wayde calls. (He is our local celebrity/school information officer who calls about school closings and delays). He called me twice today. Once to tell me school was delayed, then again to tell me we are closed. But I digress!

The snow this time of year is perfect. It is heavy and silent and peaceful. It isn’t icy and blowing and biting. It will be beautiful and then be gone. I needed that one last goodbye ( I hope!) of winter today, so I can fully welcome spring tomorrow.