Slice of Life Day 27: Crazy Sock Day

socksToday is Crazy Sock day at my school. A day I wholeheartedly embrace. It doesn’t actually need to be Crazy Sock Day, for me to be a Crazy Sock Lady. Look, those darn socks disappear just as much as my charger cords do. In the morning, I just need two socks on my feet. When I am wearing long pants, who is really going to notice anyway? A lot of people, apparently. And apparently many people have very strong opinions on this subject. My best friend at work, who I taught with for 10 years was very disturbed by my sock choices on many days. She noticed these kinds of things. But luckily she loves me for who I am! As she says, “The two of us keep the universe in balance!” You would never catch her dead in a non-matching pair of socks! And as I say, “We don’t all have to be alike to get along.” Not even socks!

4 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 27: Crazy Sock Day

  1. A few years ago while visiting my best friend (who lives miles away from me) did something that revolutionized my life(well that might be stretching it a bit)! We were going for a walk and she put on two white socks that did not match. I can not tell you how many times my workout routine, to that point, had been delayed by my search for matching white socks! Which is strange because I am the artistic type but for some reason matching white socks was a thing for me. So I applaud your boldness and freedom from those little things that do not really matter! Bravo for crazy sock day any day.


  2. Yea for crazy sock day! Have you ever been to a Little Missmatched store? I walked into one the other day with my daughter (and bought nothing since we can mismatch socks ourselves, thank you very much.)


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