Seeing a Sliver of Light

I am starting to see a faint glow of light at the end of a very long tunnel, as we are almost one week away from opening night! No matter how hard you work, or how many hours you put in, there always seems to be one more (or twenty) things to get done. Last night we hit a huge milestone in the completion of construction of The Plates. I dropped them off at school today to be painted.  Hailey and I agree, we may burn those suckers when the run is complete.

So many lessons learned on this, just Hailey’s second show. I am so, so proud of all of her efforts, her starts and stops. She has a VISION! I wish I could see the world through her eyes! Oh wait, I can! On stage the next two weekends!

Enchanted Objects…

I am learning all about the “art” of sewing (and trial by fire!). The past few days we  have been making giant plates as part of the Enchanted Object Ensemble. I am kinda starting to hate these suckers! But I am sure it will all be worth it when they are complete and on stage! Tonight Hailey also “whipped up” a skirt for the Wardrobe. I have to say I am impressed with her ability to create on the fly.IMG_8580 Wardrobe

Slice of Life Day 31: Enchantress Sewing

princess sewingI love this picture from today. It is a great representation of Hailey’s involvement in the play. She was getting ready to film the promotion video for Beauty and the Beast (she is the enchantress, and also the footstool). While she was waiting for filming to begin, she was working on the costume for the Rug (Enchanted Object). Always the multi-tasker, that girl!!

Update: The Trailer is ready:

Slice of Life Day 30: Technology Success!

One of my responsibilities as the VP of the Drama Boosters is setting up the online box office for our show. This has been a real challenge, as I did not find the website to be as intuitive as I needed it to be. This was causing me a lot of stress, as the online help was not too helpful either. But I just got off the phone with tech support who walked me through (the rather complicated) fix, and now I have the website up and running just as it should be!  Go ME!!!

Slice of Life day 29: baby love

Hailey and JacksonHailey finally met baby Jackson tonight and it was so sweet to see them together. Love at first sight! To see my baby give that brand new baby cousin love brought back so many memories. I remember Kara from when she was a very little girl. To see her baby and my baby together and know the family cycle grows stronger is so heartwarming. I think Jackson will be very special to Hailey as he grows up. So sweet.

Slice of Life Day 28: Distracted

I almost forgot to post today because I was caught up in the Notre Dame- Kentucky basketball game. Watching with my husband and my son who is home from college on Spring Break (late spring break, I know). Great game and great company. I treasure these moments in time with my son, who will be totally gone from the nest before I blink. Seems like yesterday I was helping him tie his always untied basketball sneakers, or soccer cleats. Never want to miss a few possible hours to hang out and chill with the coolest almost 19 year old year old I know.

Slice of Life Day 27: Crazy Sock Day

socksToday is Crazy Sock day at my school. A day I wholeheartedly embrace. It doesn’t actually need to be Crazy Sock Day, for me to be a Crazy Sock Lady. Look, those darn socks disappear just as much as my charger cords do. In the morning, I just need two socks on my feet. When I am wearing long pants, who is really going to notice anyway? A lot of people, apparently. And apparently many people have very strong opinions on this subject. My best friend at work, who I taught with for 10 years was very disturbed by my sock choices on many days. She noticed these kinds of things. But luckily she loves me for who I am! As she says, “The two of us keep the universe in balance!” You would never catch her dead in a non-matching pair of socks! And as I say, “We don’t all have to be alike to get along.” Not even socks!

Slice of Life Day 26: This is hard!

I have to say, this challenge is very difficult for me; but I don’t want to give up so close to the end! I don’t mind writing each day for myself, but it is more difficult to write something that I feel like other people might want to read about. Maybe I am not cut out for this blogging stuff quite yet. Maybe I will be more inspired tomorrow….

Slice of Life Day 25: Charger Cords

Ok. My pet peeve for today. Where do charger cords go??? They are like socks in the wash; they just disappear never to be found again, I used to (justifiably) accuse my children of stealing my I Phone cord. But now they have both upgraded to a Iphone6, and I still live in the dark ages of a 4S (another post for another day), so I am the only one who uses this charger. My husband is a Samsung Man, so he is not to blame either. I am starting to wonder if I have early onset dementia. I can’t find my cords anywhere. And no, I am not plugged in!

Slice of Life Day 24: Sleep

Sleep cannot be overrated, I don’t understand how some people don’t need a lot of sleep. I have always needed a lot. I can be intense, but I am certainly not a type A personality. Is there such a thing as a type S? That would be me. Goodnight!